Dansk Smykkekunst Jewellery

Dansk Smykkekunst - The story of Dansk Smykkekunst takes us back to a time 40 years ago, when our jewellery was made exclusively in Sterling Silver. As time and culture changed, what has become known as ‘fashion jewellery’ began to form the keystone of our collection. Today, we hold one of the largest fashion jewellery collections in Scandinavia.

Christian Storm is the second generation of our family-owned business and together with his wife Malene he forms the motive power of design and constant development in Dansk Smykkekunst. Both Christian and Malene are fully engaged in the company together with a handful skilled employees.

"We find inspiration to the collections when travelling in Europe and Asia and in the townscape of Copenhagen. Furthermore, nature plays an important part in our lives and choise of material is oft inspired by nature - its colours and difference", Christian and Malene tell.

It is our passion that the woman of today should have the possibility of wearing unique and attractive jewellery at a reasonable, favourable price – without compromising on the quality of design or manufacture. This ‘ethos’ forms the basis of Dansk Smykkekunst's success.

In recent times we have been elected as a ‘Gazelle’ business – a term used for Denmark’s fastest growing companies. This is largely due to the fact that whereas our jewellery was once exclusively available in Denmark, we now export to nine other European countries and to the USA, with the UK being the largest single market outside of their 'home' market of Denmark.

A new dedicated consumer website for Dansk Smykkekunst in the UK will be launched in January/February 2013 to further emphasise the continued investment by P & A Agencies towards the brand of Dansk Smykkekunst in the UK.